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My work


Bottom-line results begin with copy crafted to elicit a response. From my experience with retail, travel, institutional, financial, technical, and medical accounts, here are a few examples:

Customized content

Downloadable ebooks generate leads by offering a business's expertise to a targeted audience. In addition to authoring short ebooks for clients, I also write copy for the landing pages, tweets, and email blasts that promote them.



As a blogger for an online lending company, my challenge was to make complex financial topics clear and interesting for readers seeking information, as well as funding. Here are two of the many I've written on a regular basis.

Print advertising

For everything from direct mail postcards to corporate brochures to full-page magazine ads, I provide clients not only with copy, but also with a range of concepts and photo ideas.

Columns and commentary

Based on what readers have shared with me in emails, these essays—among the many I've written for local and national publications— struck an especially strong chord:


Though Minefields of the Heart grew out of the essays and op-ed pieces I wrote about my son's service in Iraq, it's been gratifying to hear veterans and their families say, "Your story is our story, too." 

Creative nonfiction


As part of the International Women PeaceMakers Program at the University of San Diego, I was commissioned to work with Hamsatu Allamin to write the stories of her life and peacebuilding work in Nigeria. Titled The Woman Who Talks with Boko Haram, the published narrative can be viewed here:

The Adobe Spark suite allows anyone—even a copywriter—to quickly, easily, and cost-effectively create and share engaging visual stories online. Below are two I wrote and produced for a healthcare-related client.  

Visual storytelling on the Web

Short videos

To illustrate my video services, I wrote, narrated, and created this little video on the left using Adobe Premiere, After Effects, and PhotoShop. 

Below are two I did for others: one a prominent visual artist, the other a software company that helps healthcare providers protect the privacy and security of patient information. 

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